Resource Review: LanSchool Air

LanSchool Air

At a glance

  • a sleek, intuitive and functional classroom management platform
  • built for the age of one-to-one teaching and student-led learning in connected classrooms.
  • helps guide learning, increase collaboration and maximise teaching time
  • helps teachers connect with students to create more meaningful online experiences, both in the classroom and remotely
  • key features include screen monitoring, limit web, blank screen, messaging, and push website

When considering classroom management software, schools need to select a solution with features that teachers can use to leverage and guide learning as well as gauge and encourage student participation. It needs to be on point for the classroom and for remote teaching and provide an immersive learning environment.

Cloud-based LanSchool Air from ed-tech leader Lenovo, does exactly that. This award-winning smarter technology solution is a straightforward piece of software easy to learn and use and allows teachers to manage multiple classroom activities within one central platform. It was designed for the Google Classroom to eradicate hardware, security and maintenance expenses.

There are lots of features that make LanSchool Air that extra bit special.

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There is an integrated instant Messaging feature which enables students to communicate with you directly and you can respond quickly after receiving a notification. Sharing a message to the whole class is also super simple.

There is a very useful Sharing feature so that you can see on the spot what students are doing and how they are working. This thumbnail monitoring feature lets you identify any particular areas of concern where students need help so you can address their needs and help overcome obstacles in learning. Students like this feature because they can get the help and attention they need without it being made public in front of their peers.

This is increases engagement as students can easily ask you to view their screens so they can check if they are on track and you can easily share student screens for broadcasting student efforts to the whole class.

A really useful feature includes Blank Screen which enables you to lock down keyboards and mice with one click and allows you to share a static image to redirect attention quickly to an offline activity.

There is Limit Web which lets you limit access to websites that might prove distracting during independent study or breakouts. Whitelist and blacklist web pages means you can keep everyone safe and on track.

You can also easily push out the same website to all the students in the class for material you want to share.

You can track the battery status of every student device and give them a heads-up before it’s too late. Furthermore, you can quickly take screenshots to showcase students’ exceptional work in the classroom and share their progress during parent-teacher conferences.


So much valuable teaching time is often wasted faffing around with technology and students miss out. This powerful platform allows you to spend quality time teaching and offering support rather than battling with technology and wasting precious moments managing classroom devices and getting started.

With its superb safety offering, LanSchool Air creates a safer digital space for students both in school and at home.


  • A transformative teaching solution that vastly improves learning and assessment
  • Helps schools adapt quickly and successfully to new learning demands
  • Increases digital literacy and citizenship
  • Effortlessly delivers 1:1 programmes and supports distance learning
  • Cost-effective providing great vale for the budget-conscious
  • Ticks all the boxes for teacher satisfaction, student safety and engagement
  • Easy to install, scalable and keeps students safer online

Upgrade if….

you want to drive better learning outcomes, create more meaningful online experiences whether in person, virtual or hybrid as well as simplify your teaching and take control of classroom management.

Cost: see website for further details.

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