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At a glance
  • Award winning next-generation cloud-based MIS designed to power better decision-making
  • Game-changing and unique features with simple communication tools
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for a transparent view of data
  • Advanced algorithms and a feast of features to improve school performance
  • Intuitive registration, compatible timetabling, simple audit trails, easy communications and 360º reporting

Operational management of a school needs an efficient and resourceful Management Information System (MIS) that doesn’t let you down.

So, how is yours holding up? Does it offer the functionality you really need and keep everyone in the loop? Is it really saving you money?

Reviewing your MIS is critical because it might be out-of-date, costing you more than you realise and taking you down dead-ends.

At the end of the day, and more importantly, throughout the day, it’s all about the data and getting your hands on decision-quality information through one provider is key rather than bringing in additional systems.

A revolutionary new cloud-based MIS that understands the complexities of school systems and ticks boxes galore comes from those clever bods at IRIS, a tried and trusted sustainable provider of school solutions.

This is a Teach Secondary Magazine 5 star award winner. 

Ed:gen is the next generation of MIS, but is it evolution or revolution?

Ed:gen is a neat, new and highly sophisticated MIS that makes traditional served-based MIS look a bit non-league by offering a huge breadth of features customisable to your needs.

It does this by providing the real-time intelligence needed to see games of play as they are happening and in one place for a joined-up experience. With fully customisable set-up and admin features, this MIS does what you want it to do and calms any worries you might have about data interface and usability.

Getting your school data when, where, and how you need it is a big deal because it changes the way you do your job and the way your school functions.

Ed:gen will save you time and money and it raises the bar within education because it provides accurate, accessible and defensible data as a single point of truth in real-time that goes above and beyond.

It does all the usual stuff and covers the ground that most MIS do but goes much further by taking care of the things that many schools end up forking out extra software for.

Ed:gen is kitted out with a myriad of dedicated modules, intuitive features and really advanced tools that talk and dance with each other without stepping on each other’s toes.  Tools and apps like voice-to-text dictation and cloud-based inputting are a godsend.

IRIS Education - IRIS Ed:gen MIS technology

This means you can gather and analyse your data when it’s most useful and proactively make informed decisions that make a positive difference. Adopting the same MIS across a group of schools or trust makes perfect sense for grabbing insights, spotting trends and drilling through, especially using Ed:gen’s Trust Level Tools.

The teaching and learning curriculum manager offered by Ed:gen is quality through and through. It defines courses, classes, qualifications and builds grade-books to manages every part of your school’s grading and assessment story.

The bottom-line is this: do you want a MIS that barks or purrs?

Ed:gen is sleek, stylish and streamlined capable of delivering all the vital information the school community needs so that it is visible and actionable. It is truly efficient and value for money.

The verdict

  • A multi-faceted and flexible MIS that simplifies daily tasks and manages massive amounts of data
  • Real-time data at your fingertips so you can get a grip on what really matters
  • Moveable and resizable widgets so you can tailor-make your own experience
  • Gives you a centralised and drone like view of everything you need to know accessible anytime, anywhere
  • A future-fit solution, easy integration and fully supports strategic decision-making
  • Complies with Ofsted and the DfE’s requirements and involves stakeholders

Upgrade if….

You are looking for a feature-rich School Management System to harness the power of real-time data, save time and streamline your school operations so you can pursue bigger and better outcomes for your school or schools.

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