Resource Review: The Literacy Curriculum

The Literary Curriculum from The Literacy Tree

At a glance
  • A complete book-based approach to literacy to interest, engage and activate inference
  • A rigorously curated collection of rich and varied books rooted in strong contexts
  • Follows a Teach Through a Text pedagogy
  • Cohesive sequences to help children build a literary repertoire
  • Structured to develop deeper reading for all children
  • Develops a love of reading and strengthens literacy skills

Giving children access to all varieties of literature is extremely important for their success. Teachers must use all the resources available to support children but they must evaluate and then select which methods promise greater reading success.

One way to underpin your curriculum is to teach topics focused on a book-based English curriculum encouraging children to work towards shared goals of ownership and authorship of their reading and writing.

Well worth considering is the Literary Curriculum, a complete, thematic approach to the teaching of primary English that places children’s literature at its core.

This flexible and cross-curricular treasure trove provides ideas, inspiration and structure galore for your literacy curriculum and raises literacy standards by immersing children in a literary world creating strong levels of engagement to provide meaningful and authentic contexts for their literacy studies.

The Literary Curriculum – A complete thematic approach to primary English, with literature at its core

Taking out a school membership of the Literary Curriculum is probably the best value option because this gets you access to an impressive repository of 300+ top-quality resources. These include planning sequences, Literary Leaves, Spelling Seeds, Home Learning Branches, Learning Log Videos, Recover and Catch-up resources and Writing Samples.

It also gives you access to a Recording and Assessment Tool for English, whole school overviews and coverage maps, Literary Curriculum yearly thematic map, a literacy policy statement and permission to use Literary Curriculum badge on your website.

Let’s not forget the 200+ books too! Included is an impressive range including novels, novellas, picture books, wordless texts, narrative poems, playscripts and narrative non-fiction with a healthy cross-section of genres from historical narrative and mystery to adventure and fantasy. They dare children to grow, challenge perspectives, allow them to experience multiple realities and bring reading and writing to life.

Thorough downloadable planning is provided based around high-quality children’s books dovetailed to detailed daily session plans for Writing, Reading and Spelling and all come with customisable medium-term overviews.

The plans follow a ‘Teach Through a Text’ pedagogy to ensure participation, scope and outcomes and these include explicit grammar objectives, spelling investigations and purposeful writing opportunities which are varied and highly engaging. The planning, resources and activities are a superb mix and have brilliantly written and are very accessible.

The Literary Curriculum provides children with innumerable opportunities to respond to literature and acts as a powerful change agent by developing their intercultural awareness while at the same time nurturing empathy, a tolerance for diversity, and emotional intelligence. It dynamically builds sophisticated reading and writing experiences, provides pleasure and is particularly suitable for a wide range of needs as it highly flexible.

The Literary Curriculum – A complete thematic approach to primary English, with literature at its core

Children need something to talk about, something to write about and someone to write to and the Literary Curriculum provides plenty of inspiring and though-provoking material to build their discourse knowledge, vocabulary knowledge and motivation.

It is a whole-language resource constructed with precision and flair with the belief that literacy can be promoted by developing a love of literature and reading through positive contact with books.

The verdict
  • puts Literature at the very heart of English provision
  • creates immersive experiences for children that provide a platform for learning
  • helps children develop their critical reading skills, critical thinking skills, and self-regulated learning skills
  • provides outstanding opportunities for children to write for a range of meaningful and ‘real’ reasons
  • creates opportunities for children to develop empathy and enquiry
  • inspires and motivates children to become successful readers and writers
  • supports the development of a school-wide reading culture
Upgrade if….

You want to develop a high-quality literacy curriculum, foster a whole school love of reading and writing and provide children with plenty of cognitive and creative challenges.


Different membership levels are available but Literary Curriculum membership: Whole School – Single Form School £714.00

An individual membership of the Literary Curriculum for £3.99/month gives you access to a token each month (plus an extra one just for joining) to download any Sequence , Seed  or Leaf  and you can also purchase up to two extra tokens each month!

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