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Eduu School

At a glance
  • A 5-star flexible online learning experience for pupils, parents and teachers for key stages 1-4 using thematic, project-based learning
  • Self-directed online and offline activities
  • Ready-made teaching plans and activities which remove lesson prep time
  • Mental health and wellbeing are fully integrated into the curriculum
  • CPD videos and webinars to support delivery of the curriculum and hybrid learning

Home learning during lockdowns has made a star of edtech platforms in a way that no one could ever have imagined and has highlighted just how important they are as toolkits for teachers and students.

Almost overnight, schools had to quickly pivot from bricks-and-mortar education and become more versatile in their pedagogy by adopting digital learning. Some virtual platforms have really shone whereas others have merely flickered.

One truly learner-centric platform that has really stood out is Eduu School because this offers not just curriculum support but enrichment and pastoral support too.

It features in the ‘what works’ for remote learning best practice in the inaugural report ‘Lessons from Lockdown’ from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Education Technology (APPG).

This is a 5 star award winner of the Teach Secondary Awards for Remote Learning. 

Eduu School uses thematic, project-based learning on a broad and balanced cross-curricular basis with real-world activities across all ages.

With a KS3 one year subscription comes a fully scoped and sequenced thematic curriculum with curated content to support the wider curriculum. This is a complete curriculum programme for the Foundation Subjects with links to English, Science and Maths and includes access to all learning resources for Years 7-9 with overview and teacher notes for each theme and customisable curriculum maps.

For KS4, Eduu School provides thematic units with independent, guided activities that link to different GCSE subjects and includes links and information on related careers, virtual tours, videos, podcasts, suggested fiction and competitions.

The easy to search themes cover an impressive range of topics from a study of the Indian sub-continent to students taking on the role of an architect bidding for a new project in the local area. These are richly supported by detailed, creative teacher-written lesson plans that link to cultural capital, family learning opportunities, essential knowledge, people, place and time. | LinkedIn

Central to the Eduu School offer is student wellbeing and themes link to information, advice, encouragement and suggestions from Kooth, a digital mental health and wellbeing community. Resources are automatically assigned to student accounts and teachers can assign additional resources too. This is a significant inclusion because it gives health and wellness an active and ongoing profile and helps students look after themselves and know how to reach out for support.

Also on the platform you will find knowledge quizzes with result reports along with the option to generate other reports such as gap analysis, progress over time and task completion. These are incredibly useful for assessment and feedback purposes and save considerable time in collating and scrutinising information.

The teacher and student dashboards are very easy to navigate with no complexities to fog their use and enjoyment. For teachers there is a supportive user management system for the admin of the platform with help at hand for how to share resources including tips, support guides, FAQ and free webinars.

COVID-19 has seen a fundamental shift in how we learn but this isn’t the only disruption students face in their lives which is why a top quality edtech platform has to be central to every school’s provision for positive outcomes all round and caters for both in-class learning and home learning post-lockdown.

Eduu School is leading the way and an argute example of best practice for sparking pupil interest.

The verdict

  • Increases learner engagement and gives them a greater sense of purpose
  • Offers vital support for wellbeing and mental health and sustains relationships
  • Enhances learning and augments support for students with specific needs
  • Develops robust self-regulation, self-esteem and self-influence
  • Eases workloads and removes some of the administrative burden from teachers
  • Acts as a powerful professional development tool
  • Facilitates parental engagement and family exploration

Upgrade if….

You are looking for a stellar platform that delivers high quality and powerful online learning experiences that reach and engage every student educationally and emotionally through rigorous, exciting and purposeful content.

Cost:  from £2900 per year

eduu school | Fully Mapped Teaching Resources | GLUU

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