Are you off to the Moon soon?

Crater 95 is home to the Pizzles. Crater 95 is also the place where there are no public toilets so that may be worth thinking about if you have a weak bladder. There are plenty of bushes though.

Pizzles are descendants of Gizz-fips and Plunks and have lived peacefully in Crater 95 for over one hundred nids. They always keep a jar of red and green buttons in every room of their homes because they believe buttons have special protective powers.

Pizzles are nutty little creatures that are suspicious of anyone that owns a dishwasher and they don’t trust anyone that hasn’t pushed a doorbell and run off.  They have 25 words for ‘happiness’ and only one for ‘tree’. You might think this is strange because there are different sorts of trees to be found everywhere.

Every 45 seconds a Pizzle explodes with laughter which will no doubt have you in stitches but it can be messy because Pizzles normally lose control of their bowels at the same time.

It is advisable not to shake hands with a Pizzle because their hands are very dirty and they also have very strong fingers. Remember to wash your hands afterwards.

Pizzles only have one eye but this doesn’t stop them from missing a trick. They are very observant and see things microscopically and telescopically. They are always on the lookout for trouble because they don’t like being upset.

Pizzles have really stinky feet. This will explain why you will see lots of shops in Crater 95 selling foot deodorant. Summer is the worst time because no one washes their socks.

Crater 95 is closed for 3 months of the year from June-August so that Pizzles can have a break from visitors. They tend to get tired of everyone staring at them and find the rest does them good.

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