The Papple-Wicks

Are you off to the Moon soon? Then you will need to know about the Papple-Wicks.

If you visit Crater 35 wearing shoes is banned so remember to wear your slippers. This is because the whole landscape is covered in carpet and muddy footprints are very unpopular with the locals, the Papple-Wicks.

Papple-Wicks look a bit like feather dusters. It can be quite difficult to see their faces so you never know whether you are talking to the front or back of their heads. Looking at their feet doesn’t help either because one foot faces forward and the other backwards. Even they don’t know which they are facing.

Papple-Wicks are full of ideas. They always grow their own. They foil wrap ideas for freshness and store them in large temperature controlled crates in secure warehouses. If you ask a Papple-Wick for an idea and they’ll give you one if you ask nicely.

Papple-Wicks will only live in houses with yellow doors. If they buy a house which doesn’t have a yellow door then they will knock the house down and start again.

These intelligent and dreamy creatures like to bury each other up to the knees in pink and sticky moon sand. They do this when they are bored and when they aren’t. Never try to rescue a Papple-Wick if they appear to be stuck because they like the struggle.

It’s a good idea to avoid asking a Papple-Wick for directions because they haven’t a clue which way is which. They are more likely to ask you for directions. What they are good at though is playing the piano, cracking passwords and spinning bottles.

Papple-Wicks collect lemons and keep them in jars around the house. It makes them feel safe. If you get invited to a Papple-Wick’s house then a lemon in a jar would make a great gift and you’d be friends for life.

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