What are flob-dibs?

Flob-dibs are addicted to climbing stairs. They can’t get enough of them. They just love stairs. If you ask a Flob-dib why they like stairs so much they always reply, ‘They are our friends, now on your bike fish face.’  Ask anything else and you are likely to be blanked.

Crater 29 is full of stairs which is why Flob-dibs live there and nowhere else. You’ve never seen so many stairs. We are not sure whether this Crater is for everyone because it’s a lot of effort just getting from A to B. There are no escalators so bear that in mind. If you do decide to go, then take a shower cap because it is always raining.

Flob-dibs love their sound of their own voices. They will often record themselves talking and then enjoy playing back whatever they have said, over and over again. This is annoying and it drives most visitors’ potty. Many leave never to return and we think this is why Flob-dibs do it because they like to be left alone.

Flob-dibs spend a fair amount of time looking over their shoulders. They do this because they are afraid of the past and they worry about it catching up with them. Spend a day on Crater 29 and you’ll start doing the same.

Flob-dibs are an aimless bunch really. We can’t actually see what else they do apart from climbing stairs, spitting, and smoking. They appear to be a force of nature. Despite serving no obvious purpose Flob-dibs are pretty special though because they possess a remarkable ability to grow their own organs.  If one of their kidneys decides it is going to stop working then just before it packs up another one will grow in its place. We haven’t a clue how they do it and they won’t tell us because they don’t trust us.

If you like stairs and being ignored then Crater 29 is for you.

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