Just Get On With It!

If I had my own shoe company then my bottom-line up front message (BLUF) would be ‘Just Get On With It!.

This is why Nike have made billions and I haven’t because their BLUF is better than mine.

Just Do It! is a slogan that sticks and everyone seems to use it.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy in 1987, the message is in your face, plain and simple although you might be surprised at its origins.

I still think my slogan has legs and although it is unlikely to run very far, the sentiment is the same: do.

If we don’t ‘do’ then we don’t. We sit. We stagnate.

This reminds me of climbing a tree.

There are two ways of climbing a tree:

1. Climb it.

2. Sit on an acorn and wait for it to grow.

So yes, just do it or just get on with it because time and tide don’t wait for any of us. If you have something to do then get on and do it.

It’s an interesting one. It normally takes a life-threatening illness for people to come to this realisation and that’s incredible. What are we waiting for? Deferred gratification is very over-rated.

You know all the ‘life is too short’ type cliches but actually, they are true: tomorrow is never promised, make your legacy today as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

So please, don’t sit on an acorn, be an active climber and just do it!

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

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