Lampard’s Law And The Importance Of Punctuality

I think Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has got it spot on.

He has imposed a strict disciplinary code behind the scenes at Chelsea Football Club with a list of fines framed and hung on the wall inside the training ground.

The fines are eye-watering amounts to use mortals earning a modest wage but for the superstar footballers earning millions then they can expect to be hit in the pocket.

There is a whopping £20,000 penalty for players who are not on the training pitch in time to start a session and those strolling late into team meetings can expect to be fined at a rate of £500 per minute! Those not on time for treatment, medical appointments or to board the bus for a match-day departure will be fined £2,500.

Oh yes, and if you don’t pay within 14 days then your fine is doubled.

This might seem just ridiculous to many but punctuality is damn important in any organisation and far too many employees just get away with it.

They get away with being late and for producing lame excuses because they know they won’t get punished and that is the problem.

Imagine introducing a Lampard Law in schools – can you imagine how that would transform things?!

One area where it would relates to mobile phone use. Lampard fines his players £1,000 for phones ringing during a team meeting. You could add texting etc to that.

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