Time To STOP

This is the time of the year when you just need to stop what you are doing.

In The Inner Game of Work, Tim Gallwey talks about the STOP tool.

He reminds us that not all movement is mobility. Sometimes in order to accelerate we actually have to slow down and stop.

The STOP tool is used for mental time-out to:

  • Step back
  • Think
  • Organise your thoughts, and
  • Proceed.

STOPs can be of any duration, maybe only for a few seconds. For example:

  • STOP before you speak
  • STOP at the beginning of each work day
  • STOP at the end of each work day
  • STOP at the beginning and end of any work project
  • STOP to make a conscious change
  • STOP to address mistakes
  • STOP to correct miscommunication
  • STOP to learn or coach
  • STOP to rest

The STOP tool can be used it can be seen as a ‘rule’ and is a brilliant concept for increasing and improving our emotional intelligence, innovation, problem solving, team building.

It keeps us in balance and actually builds our mobility.

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