Developing Relational Learners

Everything is connected and all things relate.

Seems unlikely you might think but think again.

Relational learners respect themselves and others and recognise that the best gains in learning come from working together. They allow themselves to be supported and praised; are happy to support and praise others. They are able to make links with their learning and across subjects.

As Relational Learners children will:

  • Make links with past learning and across subject matter
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Collaborate freely
  • Be curious, make links and ask questions
  • Be open to feedback

An activity to get children to think in more relational terms is Big Feet.

  1. Make 2 giant feet out of different coloured card or material.
  2. Choose 2 volunteers: each stands on one of the feet.
  3. The first talks about a situation or problem from her point of view.
  4. The second talks about the same situation from her point of view.
  5. Then they each move to stand on the other foot and talk about the same situation from the other person’s point of view.

This is a great activity for teaching children how to relate to each other.

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