Piece By Piece: Jigsaw Listening

Listening to everything someone says is hard work.

Sometimes we can expect too much from children when we ask them to listen to an extended conversation, story or chunk of teaching time.

So why not get them to listen in pieces?

Jigsaw listening is an information gap exercise. Learners hear different parts of a text, then exchange information with others in order to complete a task and together with their peers they complete comprehension questions based on each focus area.

  1. Put the pupils into groups numbered A-E to listen to a short story or a piece of text.
  2. In each group A listens for one type of information, eg all the types of transport used, B listens for another, etc.
  3. At the end of the recording ask them to reconstruct it together by each putting in the information that they know.

Does this help to get a fuller understanding of the story etc?

How could this shape the way you approach tasks outside school?

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