The No-Complaining Challenge

Teachers spend a lot of time complaining and who can blame them, they have loads to complain about.

But what about trying a day or longer without complaining. Would it make a difference to your mindset?

You could set your own personal ‘no-complaining challenge’ or set is for the staff as a whole. It’s a brilliant way to see how our minds work.

Why do it?

Well, when we all moan and grumble then a culture of complaining soon develops and if left unchallenged can become toxic.

Instead of complaining about what our school doesn’t have or what an uphill struggle everything is, this is about appreciating what we do have. Rather than complaining about other people, think about something positive about them. Instead of complaining about problems, look for solutions. When we focus on the positive then we overcome negativity.

When we practice gratitude and praise others then life takes on a different shape and feel.

You might want to try the No-Complaining Challenge yourself and do this without telling anyone else. This can help you work out how you react and behave. But getting everyone involved is even better because it promotes a collective conscience and accountability.

Try if for 24 hours, try it for a week or a month. Better still, make it permanent!

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