The Jar Of Wellbeing

When teaching gets tough and you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel then it’s time to create a Jar of Wellbeing. These are also called The Jar of Goodness or The Jar of Positivity.

The idea is simple enough and it could be just the thing to keep you on an even keel. It’s about gratitude and reminding yourself that the day wasn’t all bad.

So you find yourself a big jar, e.g. a whopping great empty coffee jar purloined from the staffroom will do nicely. Then at the end of each day, think about a positive thing that has happened and write it on a bit of paper and pop it in the jar.

At the end of a half-term, take out the slips of paper and reflect on the many good bits you’ve experienced. No one has an empty jar.

Taking inspiration from HealthyPlace and also from Fran Whitaker of The Happy Journals, ideas to include could be:

  • A fun trip
  • Nailed it! Moments
  • A treat you got yourself
  • New music discoveries
  • A to-do list entirely ticked off (or even partially!)
  • A quote you’ve heard or read
  • Something a child said
  • A great book you’ve read
  • Something simple that made you laugh or smile
  • A goal achieved
  • A step towards a goal achieved
  • Photographs
  • New people you have met
One of the seven dispositions of a star teacher is having the ability to avoid burnout and this is just one of many strategies that can help teachers making sure they stay on top of their wellbeing.

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