Resource Review: Big A-Frame Easel

Big A-Frame Mobile Magnetic Drywipe Easel

At a glance
  • Premium quality classroom easel for orchestrating lessons
  • Spacious whiteboard
  • Designed with the highest levels of safety in mind
  • Can be used as a traditional instruction board or as an interactive tool with magnetic letters
  • Available in a bright red or blue, high-quality powder coated finish
  • Folds flat for easy storage

What is a school necessity to you? For me, it has to be the humble A-frame easel because it is perfect for that all-important close work.

Yes, there is still a place for low-tech teaching apparatus because it makes learning more personal and interactive.

The thing is, the easel I purchased was bought on the cheap out of my own pocket and it soon looked sorry for itself. It was also a basic wooden design and fixed at one height so could be awkward to manage.

There are of course some better ones around and a superior easel I’ve currently got my hands on is an absolute cracker.

This is a large A-frame mobile magnetic drywipe easel that comes in three separate parts: the A-frame, the whiteboard and 2 sturdy plastic trays.

The sturdy frame is lightweight and the 90cm-by-90cm whiteboard is pretty hefty but when combined and assembled, the easel can be moved without difficulty thanks to the castors (which are lockable) and so it is very safe and stable.

What makes this multipurpose easel a joy to use is that it has four quick and easy height adjustments of 190cm, 170cm, 150cm and 130cm which means the whiteboard can be perfectly positioned for children of all age groups, sitting or standing. It simply moves up and down and clicks into place.

This is a first-class product which has been designed with real care and engineered to suit all classroom situations so is perfect for a range of teaching and learning interactions.

The whiteboard is magnetic and dry wipe clean, and comes with a full-length pen and book ledge with enough space to hold markers, erasers, and magnetic pieces. It also has flipchart fittings included too.

The two plastic trays that fit at the bottom of the easel are big enough and strong enough for plenty of your bits and pieces and so offers handy storage.

This best-selling easel is built to withstand some heavy classroom use and comes with a 10-year guarantee so easily justifies the £269 price tag.

You want a classroom easel to be sturdy, dependable and able to cope with classroom bumps and knocks. Well, this easel is tough and easily one of the market leaders and the epitome of quality and functionality.

Easels are dynamic front-of-house teaching tools that are engaging and encourage conversations because they can be positioned at children’s eye-level and so make learning accessible.

They also allow children to indulge their creativity as they can be used more freely than an interactive whiteboard for exploring learning and play.

This easel is more than capable of standing up to all of the intense learning and creative experiences your pupils will have.

It could also be used by teachers as a training tool for meetings, especially as you can use it to hang your flip-chart on.

This best-selling premium quality easel is a perfect teaching aid for front of class, for display and for training. It is a reliable and versatile workhorse and I’d happily make this an essential piece of classroom furniture.

The verdict
  • An extremely versatile and adaptable teaching, learning and assessment tool
  • Very well-built and long-lasting
  • Easy to move and park for using inside and outside class
  • Allows for a flexible learning experience for groups and carpet work
  • A great addition to your working tools
  • Your best classroom easel option
  • Low-tech and analogue so they won’t let you down
Upgrade if….

You are looking for a well-engineered, all-purpose mobile teaching easel that is high-quality, safe and practical for improving your students’ educational experience.

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