Resource Review: STABILO EASYoriginal and STABILO Easy Start S

STABILO EASYoriginal and STABILO Easy Start S

At a glance
  • Skilfully designed pens and pencils based on ergonomic principles in penmanship
  • Left and right-handed versions
  • Focused on comfort and efficiency
  • Tested by expert scientists
  • Pencil wood is sourced from responsibly-managed forests

How much do we think about handedness when we consider our children’s needs?

Handedness is the preference for using one hand over another and when it comes to the school environment this really matters.

Left-handed children often struggle when the resources aren’t there to support them which is often the case when it comes to writing utensils and scissors. They can often appear uncoordinated or disorganised as most equipment is set up for right-handed children.

Every operational characteristic has been considered from the size, weight, shape, and length of the instrument to the surface texture and hardness of the shaft, ink flow, smoothness, writing fatigue and more.

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Their EASY Start Family range is a vibrant and ergonomic family of writing equipment specifically designed for learning and improving handwriting skills at a young age. Led by the latest research in handwriting ergonomics, these are clever products that put writing comfort, legibility, efficiency, and motivation right at the centre of design so that children can have fun improving their skills.

The STABILO Easyorginal pens are a joy. These really attractive wide-barrel refillable pens have been ergonomically moulded so that children use the lightest grip possible while writing.

There is a slightly arched shape tail which rests comfortably, helping hands to rest the pen with the recommended tripod grip to help eliminate strain. They also use a rubberised grip around the pen barrel for increased traction.

Avoiding ink which appears very “wet” is also important as this can be easily smudged.

The STABILO ergonomic pens use a rollerball design which flows freely and this also helps reduce writing pressure which can lead to pain over longer pieces of written work. The nibs are also broader and more flexible using Royal Blue erasable ink ideal for school use.

The STABILO handwriting pencils with break-resistant 2.2mm lead have also been designed specifically for left and right handers.

The Easygraph S pencils have a brilliant triangular design and non-slip grip moulds which magnificently support a relaxed hand posture. They also have a subtle yellow and red colour coding at the end of the pencil to indicate whether it is a left- or right-handed version.


They come in a range of 5 shaft colours and the S (slim) versions have a slenderer barrel than the original but still with a space for inscribing your name.

Stabilo Easy Graph S

Every child should benefit from adopting an ergonomic way of working and STABILO have given us the tools to work in a more efficient and child-friendly way.

These are writing resources that truly break the mould.

The verdict
  • Sophisticated, intelligent and intuitive designs to tackle handwriting issues
  • Non-slip and comfortable to hold so avoid unhealthy stress, tiredness and potential damage to the posture of the hand
  • Revolutionary, fun and attractive designs
  • Quality through and through for a great price
  • Takes the stress out of handwriting
Upgrade if…

You are looking for writing resources that truly cater for left, right and mixed-handers then STABILO Easy Start is handwriting for healthy hands.

Price: Pens from £3.29 and Pencils from £1.04

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