Resource Review: Write Like A Ninja

Write Like a Ninja

At a glance
  • An essential toolkit for every KS2 writer to use as a quick reference for writing tips
  • A must-have writing workbox full of exciting vocabulary, grammar explanations and example sentences
  • Includes a selection of exciting sentences and a method for categorising sentence types with catchy names
  • A fun, handy and highly accessible writing resource

The idea of being an expert in the dark arts of infiltration, espionage and silent assassination will be appealing to many children.

Ninja life is certainly dangerous but there are other types of ninja that children can aspire to being which don’t involve acquiring a criminal record – being a writing ninja.

While real ninjas were once famed swordsmen, writing ninjas focus on something mightier – the pen.

Write Like a Ninja has a snappy title and its contents are snappier still. Its aim is a simple one: to get children to take ownership of their own writing and take on the world.

This pocket-sized book might be little but don’t let its stature deceive you because it packs plenty of punches and spinning roundhouse kicks.

Write Like a Ninja: An essential toolkit for every young writer eBook :  Jennings, Andrew, Peat, Alan: Kindle Store

The core ninja skills this mastery manual focuses on include grammar essentials, exciting sentences, word choice alternatives, setting vocabulary tips, character vocabulary and general vocabulary.

Now because it’s for children then the style, design and layout of this book have been carefully crafted to appeal to a wide audience. The text is user-friendly and there are plenty of fun splats, scribbles, ninjas and bits of stationery decorating each page but not to the point of distraction.

The content is king though and each chapter has been cleverly constructed to help, throw lifelines and get children out of swamps and sticky situations where they might be ‘stuck’ or have frozen with writer’s block.

Where an explanation needs to be given or a definition is required then these are written clearly, and concisely with no complicated thorny bits to confuse.

Part thesaurus, part training manual, part inspiration guide, Write Like a Ninja is a collection of writing tips, nudges and prods to get children thinking of rich alternatives and for building on their own ideas. Children will love the ninja tips dotted throughout for varying their language use.

There is so much crammed into this book it acts like an emergency literacy curriculum yet it doesn’t feel overwhelming or overpowering but enabling.

It might be aimed at children but teachers will want a sneaky look at this book too especially for nuggets of inspiration during brain fog moments and when you are on your knees. You could spend your evenings looking for writing ideas falling down booby-trapped rabbit holes on the net or you could just get a copy of this book so you can rest like a ninja.

The skill of a ninja is the art of winning and this book teaches children how to win at writing. Just as ninjas should have a wide range of skills to help them succeed in their mission, this book equips children with what they need for their writing missions.

One thing you might want to get children writing about is of course being a ninja.

This cracking little book has a big heart and is very affordably priced at £4.99 or save 15% on a class pack of 10 copies at

The verdict
  • Clever, crisp and catchy
  • A powerhouse of tips and pointers
  • Helps empower children to be creative, perseverant and write independently
  • Practical, engaging and immensely supportive
  • A writer’s lifesaver
  • Gives children plenty of ideas for sharpening their pens for great writing
Upgrade if…

you are looking for a high-quality vocabulary and writing essentials book in one place that injects writing mojo and promotes writing mastery.


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