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At a glance
  • A school improvement data analytics solution for every school, academy or MAT
  • A system for collating, updating, utilising and reporting data
  • Self-evaluation, SIP recommendations, improvement planning, micro-consultation videos and due diligence
  • Direct and course-correct school improvement plans
  • State of the art, intuitive and easy to use

Data is the oil that fuels all walks of school life.

But schools have always been data-rich and system and information poor. Many resemble a football field of molehills and badger mounds with soil flying everywhere. But what do all these piles of data mean?

Senior leaders need to be able to look at data across their buildings to learn which students, environments, staff and programmes are having success and which are not. But it is a skill and an art to organise, analyse, and interpret data properly.

This is why sustainable gains in achievement requires an investment in a dynamic system to identify and use data and convert it into high quality information to improve teaching, learning and assessment. For skilled leaders, data can be a compelling force in improving schools.

Evaluate Ed | TheSchoolBus

Evaluate-Ed gives you the tools needed to probe for causes of underperformance, analyse the conditions that are contributing to varying levels of student achievement, and develop and implement improvement strategies.

Teachers need to know how to examine student performance if they are to understand which parts of their teaching are making an impact. They can then use this information to revisit areas of the curriculum that are not being learned, target attention and incorporate new techniques for students having difficulties.

But Evaluate-Ed does so much more than focus on the educational outcomes.

This remarkable system has been configured to swiftly and securely analyse every core aspect of a school from finance and governance to premises and staff wellbeing allowing you to instantly react to emerging risks and shortfalls.

It does this by asking intuitive questions which are then used to generate an action plan so you can then monitor progress as you work towards agreed goals. Using data-led school improvements recommendations helps feed into your SDP, SIP and annual SEF.

Evaluate Ed | TheSchoolBus

For feeding back to stakeholders written reports can easily be generated and there some brilliant graphical narrative representations for keeping everyone in the picture so you can gain the context you need to better understand your school’s performance.

Real-time and active monitoring of all school improvement opportunities using verifiable evidence shouldn’t be a pipe dream but a given and Evaluate-Ed gives it to us.

It helps teachers become skilled and confident consumers and users of data. It helps them recognise sound and unsound data and also to realise that they need different data for different purposes.

Schools that are able to use data to take charge of change are more effective and improve more rapidly than ones that are not and thanks to Evaluate-Ed, leading schools in a data rich world just got easier.

If data are to become part of the fabric of school improvement, Evaluate-Ed have it covered and provide a true image of your organisational landscape allowing greater insight into previously hidden information. It turns data into action.

This is a school improvement critical friend that can help identify “what next”, instil urgency, refocus agendas and recast problems by analysing, prioritising, reporting, scrutinising, monitoring and reducing costs. It helps you find answers to hard questions, it’s highly accessible, it can save costs, its quick and it helps you adapt.

The verdict
  • Makes measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, joined-up and active
  • Translates meaningless data into high quality information
  • Helps staff become data literate within a culture of inquiry
  • An intelligent system for reviewing, improving, evidencing and growing
  • Makes interpretation easy through powerful analytics
  • Leads to better decision-making and supports action research
Upgrade if….

You are looking for a creatively crafted capacity building system that will support effortless monitoring and accelerated progress towards your school improvement goals.

Cost: see website for details

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