Crab Mentality

Why are we so begrudging of other people doing well?

It seems to be an almost national pastime in Britain to pull others down.

This ‘Crab Mentality’ is a way of thinking encapsulated by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you” and it reminds us of crabs in a bucket.

If there is just one crab placed alone in a bucket then it will climb out and escape without too much of a problem but if you place a few more in the bucket and then they all start pulling each other down.

The Crab Effect illustrates the selfish, harmful, and jealous mindset of some members in a group who will try to undermine and halt the progress of the other better-performing members in the group.

Crab Mentality is attributed to the Filipina feminist and human rights activist Ninotchka Rosca.

The crab mentality can come about because other people are frustrated and dissatisfied with their own lot in life. They then express negative thoughts and display negative behaviours and can often reduce the self-confidence of others who are making progress.

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