The Law Of The Dustbin Lorry

There are some people who are like dustbin lorries.

They are full of bitterness, frustration, anger and disappointment. As their rubbish piles up, they look for a place to dump it and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time then they’ll dump it on you.

Rather than take it personally when we are on the wrong end of someone else’s bad vibes, it might be best to smile or wave, shake it off and move on. Let it go!

If we don’t then we are likely to carry their rubbish around with us too and that’s going to make you feel rotten. You might even turn into a vehicle for carrying rubbish and start dumping your negative emotions at other people.

Treating other people like rubbish is very likely going to make you feel like rubbish too, especially when it’s not in your nature. Don’t get dragged into a situation and get dragged down by someone who is up for a confrontation, especially in a road rage moment!

We can’t let dustbin lorries do this to us and we mustn’t be one either.

This is the Law of the Garbage Truck but I’ve renamed it Law of the Dustbin Lorry because in the UK we don’t say often say ‘Garbage’ and we seldom say ‘Truck’ and hardly ever do we use the two words together.

The Law of the Garbage Truck is actually a book written by David J. Pollay and he says that you must “Declare your life a No Garbage Trucks Zone!” and “Take a stand and let everyone know that you follow The Law of the Garbage Truck”.

You can read his entertaining article here which gave birth to the Law of the Garbage Truck.

David asks us to take the No Garbage Trucks Pledge:

Image: David J. Pollay and

David Pollay’s story has been retold here by Meir Kay:

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