Breakfast Study

Never let those idle moments at breakfast go to waste.

If your stand mindlessly at the cereal packet in front of you absorbing the ingredients as you munch away then think on.

Why not redesign the box and plaster it with useful information instead?

This is an idea from the book The Spider Strategy by Marcella McCarthy and it’s worth a snap, crackle and pop.

So here’s what she suggests we do:

  1. Ask students to bring in an empty cereal box
  2. Compare cereal box designs and discuss the information written on each of the sides.
  3. Get students to deconstruct the cuboid so it is inside out.
  4. Now ask students to start designing and decorating what information they’d like to see on their cereal box: we are talking relevant stuff here such as formulae, dates, facts, times tables, key words, useful quotes etc.
  5. Students then put the box back together again with their information on the outside. Use some strong tape to keep it all together!
  6. Students then take the boxes home and put the cereal back inside.
  7. When it’s breakfast, study your cereal box!

If this cereal thriller doesn’t appeal, remember it is certainly something that could work for some students so don’t press the button ‘What a waste of time’ unless you have tried it!

Oh yes, and the name of this strategy is….Quotiebix.

Students can invent their own cereal names to be original.

If it works, it works. If not then pour baked beans on your Weetabix and give yourself an ASBO (Anti-Social Breakfast Order).


Image: @weetabix

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