Hand Evaluation

The next time you do a staff training event then ask everyone to give you a hand assessing your session.

Does that sound scary? Well, it shouldn’t because feedback is essential even if you take some of what is said with a pinch of salt.

Seriously though, we all need to know what we are doing is worth doing.

Here’s what to do:

1. Save around 5-10 minutes of your session at the end and give participants a piece of paper.

2. Ask everyone to draw around their hand and say you’d like to know the answer to a few questions:

*Thumb – something good, something they enjoyed

*Index finger – something they would like to point out (e.g. new idea, knowledge input, misconception correction)

*Middle finger – something bad, something they did not enjoy

*Ring finger – something they will treasure from the session

*Little finger – something little they want to add (e.g. something they would do differently)

*Palm – A prediction for the future – what they are going to do next?

We all need a hand, so try this evaluation method with children and share it with them as something they could use too.

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