Dartboard Evaluation

A really quick and simple method for children to rate an activity or  show their understanding is using a dartboard evaluation.

The idea is that they use sticky dots or a marker pen to indicate on a dartboard how they feel. This provides a visual snapshot of where children are at.

An evaluation dartboard consists of drawing three or more concentric circles on a piece of flip chart paper.

Children then ‘make their mark’. The more they understand or agree with a particular question, the closer they will place their dot towards the centre of the circle and bullseye.

If they weren’t that sure then children would perhaps place their dot in the second circle from the centre. If they did not find the activity worthwhile or they didn’t understand what to do then they would place their dot in the outer circle.

If you were using this at a training event then you could have the outer circle as ‘missed the mark’, the next circle in as ‘met expectations’ and the inner-circle as ‘exceeded expectations’.

This is a very useful tool to gauge feelings on a range of issues. Another way to use this method is to do it as an exit slip so children aren’t influenced by their peers. This will require you creating some templates of the miniature dartboards. These are arguably more reliable for getting a clearer perspective about pupils’ understanding and feedback.

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