Anchoring And Positive Thinking

When things get tough, what do you do?

Mental anchors can weigh us down but we can also create anchors that free us from negative thinking.

“Anchoring” is a powerful tool for helping you to have more confidence and to think positively.

Anchoring is a method of training your mind to think in a positive way. It is deliberately connecting a cue or trigger to a state of mind so that you can recall the state simply and easily later.

How does it work?

You might need a loose-fitting bracelet.

Begin the day with a positive mindset and wear the bracelet on your right wrist.

At the very moment you start thinking negatively, stop, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can solve the situation with a positive approach. Swap the bracelet to the other wrist.

Keep a note of how many times a day you swap wrists.

As you get into the habit, the physical action of moving the bracelet anchors positive thought processes into your physiology. Over time your anchor gets connected to and triggers a string of representations and responses.

Using a bracelet is just an example but you can use a similar action to serve as a reminder using something personal to you. It could be from tying a knot in a handerkerchief to having something in your pocket.

Alternatively, you could choose an anchor that involves touch such as touching your thumb and forefinger together or making a fist.

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