5 Minute Professional Development Meetings

How many Key Stage or departmental meetings do we devote to authentic professional development?

The best and most effective meetings I have participated in encouraged members of the team to bring something to share: an idea, a starter, a problem or a question.

This sounds easy enough but actually it really gets you thinking as to what is appropriate, useful and relevant. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time and so the onus is on you to select carefully.

Once a week six of us met for our Professional Development Meeting. This was strictly one hour long and not a minute longer. We each took turns to lead the meeting and we all shared what we hope would support and even inspire.

Five mins per person, maximum and no messing: no chit-chat about what you are having for tea, no asides or distractions, no AOB – just straight down to the business of sharing.

It was up to each of us then to then decide whether we wanted to pursue a particular idea further and if we did then colleagues would be emailed with feedback – this saves having yet another meeting.

This 5 minute CPD meeting has always been a great way to share and motivates you to find something that will benefit as many learners as possible.

Their success depends on everyone finding something and then being laser-sharp with the timing.

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