A Recipe For Wellbeing

Let’s be clear.

Schools are not closed.

In the UK, schools have remained open despite lockdown and they have done so for the critical workers and their children.

Yet, social media is full of celebs calling for schools to be re-opened asap. What they really mean, is open to the whole school population.

Either way, wellbeing is right at the top of the agenda for staff and children at home and for those actually in school.

Wellbeing recipes are popular at the moment and I don’t mean those based on food. We are talking about organisational wellbeing and those that feed mental health.

One of my favourite recipes is a variation penned by Neila A. Connors. This is her version of a recipe developed by Marion Payne from Baldwin County, Milledgeville, Georgia:

A School Recipe

  • 200 pkgs. of daily recognition and respect
  • 200 cans of daily communication
  • 30 cups of opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • 400 cans of humour and smiles
  • 200 pkgs. of daily support and appreciation
  • 100 tbls. of feedback
  • 200 tbls. of wellness
  • 100 tbls. of empowerment

Directions: Mix all of the above together in a large container. Stir continuously and serve warmly on a daily basis. Garnish with professionalism and hugs.

How brilliant is that?

This recipe should be displayed in every Head’s office as a reminder of the organisational elements needed to keep a school a healthy and happy community, especially at this time.

So what goes into a recipe for wellbeing where you teach? Would you include the same ingredients or would you invent your own?

Don’t forget, it’s Children’s Mental Health Week this week and this year’s theme is Express Yourself.

What would your child include in their mental health recipe for wellbeing? Get them to invent their own recipe.

Things to include might be:

  • compassion
  • tenderness
  • warmth
  • gratitude
  • awe
  • hope
  • laughter
  • cooperation
  • forgiveness
  • mindfulness
  • play
  • goodwill
  • friendship
  • patience
  • faith
  • empathy

You could incorporate these as:

1kg of positivity

a pinch of patience

a dollop of kindness

5 drops of easy-going

1 packet of consideration

two heaped tablespoons of laughter

3 cups of forgiveness

500g of love

Bake well with the heat of human kindness. 


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