Teaching Is Hard Work

Here’s the thing: no one said it was going to be easy.

Teachers are always being told to look after themselves and protect their wellbeing. We are told to guard our personal time and make sure our mental health is a priority. Guides and sages shout from the tops of mountains that we must have hobbies and a life outside of work.

All this is perfectly sensible, practical and well-meaning because the number of teachers burning out just climbs and climbs. Being a teacher can be hard and emotional, the hours are crazy and work-life balance is therefore essential.


the wellbeing narrative makes an enemy of hard work.

Hard work and commitment to the job are some how seen as things we should swerve at all costs because they will ruin us. But these things are what we need to bring about success and opportunities. If you are a teacher then you have to prepare for a lot of hard work and especially in those first 5 years. The energy and effort is huge but the best teachers are hard workers who don’t moan about the labours, trials and tribulations. They get on with it, apply themselves and enjoy rewarding careers.

Teaching is hard graft and so it should be. There are no shortcuts despite what the edu-celebs would have us believe. By all means take time out to focus on yourself but remember that sometimes we do actually need to work harder and that’s not a bad thing.

Every single day is an opportunity for you to learn something.

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