Come Dine With Me

It’s time to focus on wellbeing.

Although teachers have a dreadful reputation for talking shop, teachers need to socialise more with each other to let off some steam and not just on Twitter.

Strengthening work relationships is never easy when you are at work. A snatched conversation here and there, a stressful staff meeting, a 10 second chat in the car park. There is no time!

It is outside of work you can get to know your colleagues better and relaxing together can strengthen relationships. You could all go down the pub or find a nice cafe but what about holding a ‘Come Dine with Me‘ evening, teacher style.

You must have seen it before? Come Dine with Me is a popular Channel 4 cooking programme that has been going for many years now. The format is very simple: four or five amateur chefs compete against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants. Each competitor then rates the host’s performance with the winner winning a cash prize.

I know plenty of non-teacher friends who hold their own Come Dine With Me evenings every now and again so why not for teachers? You could hold one with a few colleagues every half-term. You won’t be competing for a cash prize but perhaps a prize of some sort that is inexpensive. It could just be for one of those pretend Oscars you can buy from the internet.

This is a perfect opportunity to get to know your colleagues, build trust and have some fun. You’ll notice the difference when you are back at school and so will everyone else.


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