The Poverty Of Maths

Dyslexia is widely recognised but what about dyscalculia?

Life is not a level playing field.

Researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast have found that many children are suffering from an undiagnosed developmental condition which impacts on their ability to learn mathematics, namely  developmental dyscalculia, a Specific Learning Disorder in Mathematics (SLDM).

Dr Morsanyi said that while dyslexia is widely recognised and help is available to those who have it, there is little awareness of dyscalculia. Dr Morsanyi said,

A child with dyslexia is more than 100 times as likely to receive an official diagnosis and educational support, and even if a child is diagnosed with dyscalculia, there is no standard process in place to support them.

Could it be that people struggle with maths because of a hidden condition?

Find out more about developmental dyscalculia here and the thoughts of Dr Daniel Ansari and in this excellent article reviewed by Dr Ansari.

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