THINK! Road Safety

Do you teach your children road safety?

A new road safety campaign is urging children to ‘stop, look, listen, think’ and with the summer holidays here we really need to press home this message. The awful reality is that 170 children are seriously injured every month on the UK’s roads and 6 children die every month from a road-related incident.

The Government’s THINK! campaigns have certainly helped reduce child road deaths – since records began in 1979, these have fallen by 90%.

The THINK! campaign is run by the Department for Transport and their website is packed full of resources and guidance for helping teachers and parents help children be road aware.

They have powerful videos aimed at adults too and these can be shared with children also.

The dangers of using a mobile phone while driving are huge and in Pink Kittens, this video shows us that we can miss more than we THINK!

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Expect The Unexpected

THINK! has been running campaigns for decades and has successfully challenged a number of behaviours and attitudes to improve road safety, including drink driving, drug driving and using handheld phones while driving.

It’s latest campaign involves children’s TV presenter Sam Homewood. This film for Key Stage 2 shows the Stop, Look and Listen message featuring Sam:

Aimed at older learners is the See, Think, Speak message but this equally applies to younger children also as it relates to Bikeability, the National Standard for Cycle Training that all children should take part in. Check out the Stop, Look, Listen and Think safety anthem for younger children aged 3-6 years.

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