What’s been in the news this week?

  • Families Need Fathers claims that thousands of parents falsely claim domestic abuse in order to access legal aid and stop estranged partners from seeing their children.
  • Tros Gynnal Plant  say that Gypsy and traveller children could be taken out of school by their parents if specialist support services are cut.

  • The Sutton Trust say that nearly two thirds of young people would be interested in starting an apprenticeship instead of going to university. However many felt that the apprenticeship route was not being discussed as an option at school.

Teachers are still unlikely to recommend apprenticeships to their highest achieving pupils, indicating there is some way to go before vocational routes are given the same status as higher education routes.

The fact that it seems to have become the norm for a whole swathe of the social structure to medicate as a response to behavioural problems feels like a very big warning signal.

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