What’s been newsworthy in the world of education?

Recommendation 1:  Prioritise the development of communication and language

Recommendation 2:  Develop children’s early reading using a balanced approach

Recommendation 3:  Develop children’s capability and motivation to write

Recommendation 4:  Embed opportunities to develop self-regulation

Recommendation 5:  Support parents to ensure they understand how to help their children learn

Recommendation 6:  Use high quality assessment to ensure all children make good progress

Recommendation 7:  Use high quality targeted support to help struggling children

Preparing for Literacy says that around 13% of children in the UK could have undiagnosed eye conditions – like short-sightedness, or astigmatism – that hold back the development of their literacy skills. Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, said:

Making sure all young children with possible eyesight problems are identified, and those that are given glasses or other treatments use them is a cheap way of removing this unnecessary barrier to learning. It should be a no-brainer.


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