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What are Steve JobsSchools?

To prepare children now for the world of tomorrow, we developed a unique education concept that is being introduced since 2013 into a rapidly growing number of primary Steve JobsSchools.

This is what you will find on the Steve JobsSchools website and is described as ‘education for a new era’ where children from an early age indicate what they want to learn. The SteveJobsSchool model is based on every child having an Independent Learning Plan (ILP), centred on their own way of learning, their strengths, preferences and choices – every child works at their own pace.

This is a system that believes that personalised learning is better for students than traditional ‘assembly line’ education and puts technology at the heart of the classroom.

It’s certainly different as the schools do not have classrooms but open areas and there are no books – instead there is a one-to-one student i-Pad ratio and teachers are seen as ‘coaches’. There are no fixed hours either and children may also work at home.

In a Steve JobsSchool children have daily choices in what they learn and the workshops they attend. The School is available 24/7 and the Learning Plan, educational programs and millions of educational apps can be accessed from any smart device.

Pioneered by market researcher and entrepreneur Maurice de Hond, says children learn much better if they have choice and are interested in what they are learning.

At the SteveJobsSchool children do a lot of training in maths and languages with adaptive programmes that frees up teacher time to spend on individuals who needs it. Children follow their own learning path, which might be faster or slower than the norm and is also suited to their style of learning.

Find out more in the following video:

However, the Volkskrant reported that more than half the schools which have adopted or considered adopting an educational philosophy based on iPads and online education have switched back to regular educational styles or never made the transition. Why? You have to pay and the cost is too much for many.

Once named one of the ‘Most Innovative Schools in the World’ and boasting schools internationally, has the bubble burst?

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