Happy Shoes Day

On Tuesday, 22 May 2018 thousands of people around the country will be wearing their happy shoes. 

This is Living Streets’ Annual Fundraising Event and schools are invited to participate.

Living Streets want us all to be able to walk to school safely, with fewer traffic jams and less toxic fumes in the air.  Happy Shoes Day encourages more children to walk to school and raises vital funds for their work. They say

We want children to be energised and empowered, and to make walking to school their natural choice. And we need your help.

Walking was something we used to do a lot more of. According to Living Streets a generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s just over half. They ask us to consider why this is and offer some reasons of their own, including:

  • Towns and cities built to accommodate cars.
  • Unsafe crossings.
  • Uneven pavements.
  • Congestion and overcrowding at school gates.
  • Air pollution.

Why should pre-schools, nurseries and primary schools care about their pupils walking? Watch this video to find out more:

With your help we can make streets safer for all and bring back a walking culture because the more we walk, the more our communities become friendlier, safer and nicer places to live.

They have loads of downloadable resources for you to use and these include an assembly, banners, poster and activity ideas.

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