What’s in the news this week?

We find intensive use of HRM practices is correlated with substantial improvement in workplace performance, both among schools and other workplaces. However, the types of practices that improve school performance are different from those that improve performance elsewhere in the economy. Non-schools experience improvements in performance when they deploy more incentives, while schools tend to benefit from selection practices.

  • Ofsted now have now 110 SlideShares on topics from to – download to share with colleagues:
  • NFER have been selected as DfE’s preferred supplier for the new Reception Baseline Assessment.
  • Reported in the TES, the government is seeking views on introducing a compulsory register of children who are being educated at home, and punishing parents who refuse to comply.
  • According to French educationalist Peter Gumbel when it comes to classroom culture, you can divide the world of education into two. Find out more here.
  • The National Education Union (NEU) say that vulnerable children are at risk of receiving “little or no education” due to their “social and emotional difficulties”.
  • Year 6 SATs are nearly upon us (Monday 14th May 2018 – Thursday 17th May 2018) and the opposition to them is enormous from some parents who are concerned about their children and their mental health and wellbeing. Let Our Kids Be Kids have produced a withdrawal letter template for parents who don’t want their children to sit the tests.  They say, “if you want to use your parent power to stand up for your child, you can do.  Read the research into the law, use this letter as a template if you wish… do what you think is right for your child, and all children, in a broken system.”

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