What’s been happening in the world of education?

  • Led by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, a group of health campaigners has called for pupils to be given standing desks. Listen to the research and standing desks makes absolute sense for tackling obesity. According to Professor Monica Wendel at the University of Louisville, active, standing experiences at school should “be the norm” and we should be stand-biased. There has been growing evidence that physical activity improves mental activity and could be the simplest and lowest cost method of driving whole school improvement.

In the US, standing desks have been more common in the UK. Take a look at one school’s experience here:

42.4% of parents felts that unsafe walking and cycling routes, a lack of or inadequate pavements, ineffective or lack of crossings, unsafe school entrances and dangerous driving were all major factors which prevented their children from walking, cycling or scootering to school.

In primary, there is a continued narrowing of the curriculum where schools’ understandable desire to ace the English and maths SATs has been squeezing the science curriculum out. This has affected teaching in many ways, but in the very worst cases pupils have been sitting test papers every week of Years 5 and 6, forfeiting a deeper education in science and other subjects too.

Read more about what she has to say in the speech she gave at the Association for Science Education Annual Conference 2018.

Reconsider your banner: whilst you may be proud of your inspection result, remember Ofsted is not the only mark of success. Perhaps the views of your pupils and parents would be a refreshing and welcome alternative!


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