RIP: The Annual Performance Review

Anyone can start something new. It takes real leaders to stop something old.

quote from Dan Rockwell 

When it comes to performance management, most teachers have an annual review.

But this Annual Performance Review (APR) or whatever names it goes by is as old as the hills and is quickly becoming outdated and obsolete.

The world of teaching, learning and assessment moves fast and so to have an appraisal every 12 months is just ridiculous.

If we are to keep a finger on the pulse of performance across a school then an APR needs ditching with performance reviews at least every term. What about monthly, weekly of even daily?

Think about it: most teachers need real-time feedback from their Senior Leadership Team rather than wait a year.

There is plenty in education that doesn’t change but there is plenty more that does and teaching is a profession progressing so fast that keeping up is important.

If your school still operates an annual appraisal performance review then it is time to drag it out of the Dark Ages and commit to a new way of working. See the Dan Rockwell quote above!

Appraisal should be a supportive process that is used to inform continuing professional development but when it is done annually it makes a mockery of self-improvement and school improvement.

Reflecting on your actions and progress only once a year makes no sense.

Regular conversations about performance and development are what forward-thinking schools commit to because they see the annual review as a waste of time.

The APR is dreadfully outdated because school staff need feedback and input on goals much more frequently.

Regular appraisal and feedback gives staff the valuable coaching they need to improve their performance and it recognises them for specific contributions.

Professional development needs and priorities of individual teachers are ongoing and need to be reviewed regularly throughout the year.

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