Thinking Games: What Is The Opposite Of…?

Thinking games are vital to the lifeblood of any classroom regardless of subject and should be regularly incorporated into the daily schedule.

Another choice game that works well in getting the creative juices flowing is What is the opposite of….?

This is a game that encourages pupils to think in all the nooks and crannies of their imaginations and find what they see as something that fits.

This might not be what your neighbour is thinking but as long as you can justify your choice then others can challenge and argue but ultimately, it’s your choice and there is no ‘right’ answer. There isn’t a left one either!

Here are a few examples for you to think about.

What is the opposite of……?

  • a pencil sharpener?
  • a fish?
  • a banana?
  • an idea?
  • a bubble?
  • a wish?
  • a paw?
  • a wall?
  • an arrow?
  • a glove?
  • a film?
  • a bullet?
  • a noise?
  • a game?
  • a number?
  • opposite?
  • a cloud?
  • a pain?
  • a desire?
  • tomorrow?
  • a stripe?

If you take just a moment to think of your own examples then I’m sure you can personalise for your own class or better still, get them to invent their own.

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