When you read the title of this blog, what did you actually see?

Did you read:

  • Opportunity is nowhere?
  • Opportunity is snow here?
  • Opportunity is now here?

Your response will be an interesting one and could be an indicator of how you see the world.

If you answered ‘Opportunity is nowhere’ then I’m sorry, you are probably a negative sort of thinker with a glass half empty approach to life.

If you answered ‘Opportunity is now here’ then you are in the optimistic camp where the glass is half full.

If you answered ‘Opportunity is snow here’ then you’ll be in a minority. You see life as follows:


Image: Debbie King

Try this simple test with your colleagues and your class and see what responses you get.

Does it matter?

Well, yes, because this is about how you approach life and what it throws at us. It reminds me of the Winston Churchill quote:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.


The OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE test comes from Dr W. Gifford-Jones in ‘WWI Pilots Beat The Odds: What’s Their Secret To Survival During and After The War’ – refereed to in Ben Sherwood’s book The Survivors Club: The secrets and science that could save your life

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