The 6Es of Organisational Success

The inner-workings of any successful school are fascinating.

There are normally a complex mixture of ingredients that get the organisation humming, whistling and turning heads.

But there are always some common ingredients. Charles B. Handy thinks so and in Inside Organisations he talks about the 6Es, personal qualities and characteristics that everyone has the potential to express:

  1. Energy
  2. Excitement
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Effort
  5. Effervescence
  6. Enterprise

He says that the trick is to create the conditions so that people release these ‘e’s and get them bouncing off each other.

The more organisations can match these personal ‘e’ factors and bubble with them the more successful and fun they will be.

And it’s true. Get anyone in your organisation that displays these Es and they really stand out – but get a team full of Es and you are onto a winner.

The Es are a canny collection of qualities that all good leaders will have and promote across the school in the belief that everyone possesses the Es.

The school environment has to be an exciting place to be otherwise staff won’t be motivated to give their best.

A good leader keeps the workplace alive with excitement and that requires plenty of energy, enthusiasm, effort, effervescence and enterprise.

The 6Es are vital for classroom teaching as they will rub off on pupils and they in turn will add to the culture of excellence.

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