All I Want For Christmas Is….A Solar-Powered Ostrich!

With Christmas getting just that bit closer then what about getting something sun-powered?

What about this beauty to wrap up and give on the big day to one of your STEAM loving nippers?

This is the 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit and comes in at under £20 which makes it affordable.

This construction kit combines solar and hydraulic power with loads of fun.

12 In 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit


The idea is to use the pieces to build twelve different mechanical models of machines and animals, each featuring a unique move.

The 12 in 1 Solar & Hydraulic Construction Kit has 230 pieces to build 12 different moving robots, each with its own unique way of operating.

Children can make a hanging monkey, a bolshy bulldozer, a soaring pterodactyl, a monstrous T-Rex, a friendly robot, a speedy ostrich, a lifting forklift, a cool digger, a stinging scorpion, a zippy buggy and even a master and his dog.

Powered by a solar module, with hydraulic transmission, the motorised gearbox of this 12 in 1 Hydraulic Construction Kit needs no batteries as it is powered by the included solar cell.

The 12-in-1 is ideal for future engineers to play around and make some really great robot models. They will learn how each piece works with others to form a finished robot with motion capabilities and the parts can be easily disassembled after completion of one robot kit.

The 12-in-1 building kit teaches children the benefits of alternative energy and allows for a steady source of learning and play along the way.

Shop around and you can get this for under £20.

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