CPD Walk-On Music

It had to happen and it has.

Ego has taken over CPD sessions to such an extent that I witnessed my first ever walk-on music intro to someone presenting a slot on Rosenshine’s Principles.

Has education now become so showbiz and full of itself that self-appointed consultants and trainers are comfortable with this?

It seems so. They need it.

I never thought I’d see the day where a teacher would walk up to their PowerPoint with Survivor’s ‘Eye Of the Tiger’ playing but it has. People even applauded.

In fact, their faces lit up and the crowd were very much enjoying it. I looked around wondering what the hell was going on but no one was prepared to roll their eyes with me.

The celebrity status of some teachers,  or ex-teachers in most cases, has reached a new level of narcissism. Since when did bog-standard teachers worship these fools?

It’s hard to imagine that any teacher has become a celeb but through the power of social media and some aggressive self-publicity, they have and these micro-celebs are milking it and even playing music. There’s something of the Pied Piper of Hamelin about this that makes me very uncomfortable.

So there we have it. When it comes to doing an assembly or leading an inset session, you now have to have some walk-on music to get the crowd fired up and something to keep your ego going.

External CPD used to be a bit of a panto and many sessions still are. But some have now turned into ‘gigs’ and ‘events’ where ordinary mortals can see their teaching heroes up close and personal. They might even get a signed book and get to feel special.

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