Remote Associates Tests

The Remote Associates Test (RAT) is a widely used test for measuring creativity, specifically the ability to make associations.

The Remote Associates Test normally takes a linguistic form: given three words, the participant is asked to come up with a fourth word associated with all three of them. For example,

reading, service, stick

A word that is associated with all three is lip.

Here’s another:

sense, courtesy, place

Associating word here is common.

The RAT was originally devised by Mednick and Mednick in 1971 to reflect the creative ability measuring our skill at remote compound linguistic association. Associative ability is often regarded as essential for creative thinking.

Sometimes visual objects or scenes can be used to replace words and expressions.

Try these word triads for size:

  • Call, Pay, Line
  • End, Burning,  Blue
  • Man,  Hot, Sure
  • Stick, Hair, Ball
  • Blue, Cake, Cottage
  • Man, Wheel, High
  • Motion, Poke, Down
  • Line, Birthday, Surprise
  • Wood, Liquor, Luck
  • House, Village, Golf
  • Plan, Show, Walker
  • Key, Wall, Precious
  • Bell, Iron, Tender
  • Water, Pen, Soda
  • Base, Snow, Dance

Find the answers here.

You can also find various RAT examples here.

Take a look at the study by Zedelius and Schooler (2015) which show well people made connections as follows:

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