School Mottoes

I love school mottoes that are broadcast in Latin.

They offer so much more gravitas than something written in any other language. They give things an air of sophistication, learning and tradition and there’s nothing wrong with that.

They concisely communicate the school’s values and what it stands for and they are an important part of a school’s branding. They can also help students develop resilience and positive attitude.

Some are just one word such as Floreat or “Flourish” although many opt for a tight trio such as Age Quod Agis which means “Do well what in whatever you do”.

Although some can be a little odd and probably suited to a different time, there are others that are timeless and capture the essence of the school. Many students leave their schools and adopt the motto as their own personal pledge and guiding light.

Here are some examples:

Usque Conabor translates as “I Will Try Harder”

Audio, video, disco translates as “I hear, I see, I learn”

Virtus victrix fortunae translates as “Virtue is the victor over fate”

Exitus Acta Probat translates as “Action produces results”

Discere et Vivere translates as “To Learn and To Live”

Discere Mutari Est translates as “To Learn Is To Change”

Moniti Meliora Sequamur translates as “After instruction, let us move on to pursue higher things”

Mens sana in corpore sano translates as “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

Sua Sponte translates as “On one’s own responsibility”

Scientia Omnia Vincit translates as “Knowledge Conquers All”

Ad Omnia Paratus translates as “Prepared for all Things”

Alta Petens translates as “Seeking New Heights”

Labore et Virtute translates as “By struggle and courage”

Progredimini Confidenter translates as “Go Forth with Confidence”

In Scientia Opportunitas translates as “In Knowledge There Is Opportunity”

Indagate Fingite Invenite translates as “Explore, Dream, Discover”

Strenuis Ardua Cedunt translates as “Adversity Leads To Endeavour”

Nil sine magno labore translates as “Nothing without great effort”

Provehito in Altum translates as “Launch forth into the deep”

Non Sibi Sed Omnibus translates as “Not for Oneself but for Everybody”

Velis et Remis translates as “With Sails and Oars”

Sapere aude translates as “Dare to be wise”

Mottoes are important and they serve a real purpose. They are brief, powerful, philosophical and poetic mission statements that encompass beliefs, identity, values and ideals. Let’s keep using them.

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