A Tough Question To Chew On

How many ways can you get a needle out of a haystack?

This classic question is testing creative skills, including how we can solve difficult and even unusual challenges that might arise.

The point is to shed a different light on the problem to find a new solution.

Obviously you can rummage around for the needle manually but that might take some time.

Here are some possible answers:

  • Drench the haystack in a colour to make the needle easier to see.
  • Burn the haystack. The needle will remain in the ashes.
  • Blow the haystack away. The needle will remain on the ground.
  • Drop the haystack in water. The needle will sink to the bottom.
  • Put the haystack on a vibrating platform and the needle would fall to the bottom.
  • Use a powerful magnet to pull the needle out of the haystack.
  • Allow cattle to eat the haystack and then extract the needle from a sick cow.
  • Place an X-ray film under the haystack and emit X-rays above the stack. You’ll see the needle on the image.

What other ideas can you think of?

Now take a look at this video:


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