Christmas Riddles

We had a box of crackers that didn’t contain any jokes but riddles instead.

See if you can work out the following?

1. Forest Fire

There is a dead man in a scuba suit in the middle of a forest. How did he get there?

Hint: the forest has been burnt down and there are charred stumps all around. The nearest lake is 5 miles away.

2. Locked In

How do you get out of a room that has no windows and the door is locked and all there is in the room is a table and a mirror?

3. Dog Easy

There is a dog in a room that has no windows or doors. The walls, floor, and ceiling are made of concrete and are 6 inches thick. Despite this, the dog manages to leave the room without any problem. How was this possible?

4. Get Me Out

You are stuck in a completely enclosed room with no windows and a locked door. There is only a piano in the room. How do you get out?

5. Don’t Be A Lemon

You are trapped in a room with no windows or doors. You have a knife and an orange. How do you escape?

Hint: think back to number 2.

Answers below:

1. Forest Fire Answer:

There was a fire in the forest, the man was swimming, while he swimming a helicopter scooped down to pick up some water, it picked the man up with the water and then dropped him and the water in the burning forest.

2. Locked Room Answer:

You look through the mirror, you saw what you saw, you take the saw and cut the table in half, two halves make a whole, you jump through the hole and you’re safe!

3. Escape Room Answer:

  • There are only three walls.
  • The dog is in the basement so just climbs up the stairs.
  • There’s no door, so the dog walks through the doorway.
  • There’s no window, so the dog he goes through the frame.

4. Get Me Out Answer:

Play the piano until you find the right key, unlock the door, and leave.

5. Don’t Be A Lemon¬†

You use the knife to cut the orange in half. Half plus half equals a hole and you escape through the hole.

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