Does Santa Exist?

It’s that time of year when we get the house ready for a special visitor.

He’s someone that we never actually see but he always leaves his mark.


Now there are some people who like to ruin Christmas by saying that Santa does not exist and it’s all just “a big lie and it’s your mum and dad”.

To these people we say “Poo!” because you can’t prove that he doesn’t exist.

These are the doubting Thomases who like to receive presents and munch on mince pies while spoiling the fun for others.

They are commonly heard asking daft questions such as:

  1. How can Santa possibly visit 1.9 billion or so children worldwide in a single evening?
  2. Why don’t we hear those sonic booms caused by Santa’s sleigh?
  3. How come there are not more Santa sightings?
  4. How can Santa lug vast numbers of presents around the world?
  5. Isn’t it simply illogical for Santa to exist?
  6. Surely Santa is getting too ancient to deal with the hassle of global travel?
  7. What other evidence can you muster for Santa’s seasonal feat?
  8. You go on about Santa but isn’t it the case we don’t really have a clue what Santa looks like?
  9. How does Santa know where children live, and what gifts they really want?
  10. No serious organisation is going to take Santa seriously, surely?

So these are the questions that need some serious scientific analysis and who better to address them than Dr Richard Highfield, the first man to to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble.

He gives us all the evidence we need to throw back in the faces of those who don’t think Santa is real.

He is.

If you need further convincing then please take a look at Hannah Fry’s book The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus which offers mathematical proof.

Now just get to bed and remember, no peeping. You won’t see him anyway because he has an invisibility cloak.

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