Buzzword Bingo For Teachers

How do we cope with language abuse in meetings?

Institutionally induced coma is commonplace in schools and especially when it comes to meetings or inset days that have ‘yawn’ written all over them.

In these hard times, many teachers will resort to their inner-child and turn anarchic in order to survive and so play Buzzword Bingo.

Buzzword Bingo has been around for decades and it doesn’t seem to lose its appeal because buzzwords are always getting trapped inside our classrooms and staffrooms. We just love the sound they make.

Don’t know how to play?

It’s easy. Listen for the edubabble or trending words printed on your Buzzword Bingo sheet and when you get five words up, down, or across on the Bingo Sheet then stand up and shout “Gavin Williamson” much to the amusement of your fellow players.

You can select your own words but here’s a starter:

Rosenshine’s principles Unsustainable workload 21st Century skills Evidence based practice Curriculum Intent
Growth mindset Sharing best practice Retrieval practice Well-being Recruitment and retention
Verbal feedback Teaching for Mastery Digital natives Comparative judgement Knowledge-rich curriculum
Scrap Ofsted Exclusion Work-life balance Dual coding Restorative approaches
Embedded formative assessment Mental health Cultural capital Mobile phone ban Work smarter not harder

Edspeak, edjargon and edu-obssessions drive us all crazy but its the only language teachers understand.

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