Do You Get Hebdomophobia?

Do you Monday your Sunday?

The fear of Sunday evenings is oh-so real for the majority of the working population. For teachers it can really hurt.

In his book Modern Phobias, Tim Lihoreau lists and describes a range of contemporary fears and the Sunday evening blues or hebdomophobia is one of them.

This is the terminal point of the week and the crippling realisation that you simply cannot escape Monday morning. For some, getting that knot in your stomach can start early on a Sunday morning and clock-watching through the day is common. This creeping melancholy can be all-consumsing.

The fear of Monday is pretty common and this has its own name – it’s called lunaediesophobia.  You don’t need to see a doctor about this as most people self-diagnose.

Monday can hijack Sunday and often does but it isn’t healthy and can really get in the way.

Sunday nights can be ruined by that Monday feeling and you can start to reflect and get tetchy and short-tempered. That sense of foreboding is normally a red flag to say that you really aren’t in the right job because people who are in the right environment don’t get the same feelings.

It’s not a human right to be happy in your work but it certainly helps if you do something that brings you some satisfaction and a sense of pride.

If you aren’t in that privileged position then leave Monday to Monday.

Sundays are about unplugging and relaxing so please don’t waste them worrying about Monday morning.

Enjoy your evening. Mondays can wait their turn just like any other day.


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