If you have an incredibly boring staff meeting to attend then it’s worth SLANTing. If you do then at least you will look half-interested and you can be professional about things.

There aren’t many staff meetings that are in the exciting division so it’s worth trying to approach them with a healthy mindset otherwise you’ll begin to dread them all.

SLANT is one of those acronyms that could be quite useful in certain situations. It stands for:

S: Sit up straight

L: Listen and lean toward the speaker

A: Ask and answer questions

N: Nod yes and no

T: Track the speaker with your eyes


SLANTing in a staff meeting works but requires effort. Ignore Mrs Featherstone who is nodding off and Mr Hammond who is fidgeting and checking the clock every five seconds, they have lost the plot.

Of course, SLANT isn’t just for staff meetings as many teachers use it as a behaviour management strategy in their classrooms. If students aren’t paying attention then you can ask them to SLANT and say something along the lines of “I need the Triangles to show me some T please!” or something similar.

Try the SLANT strategy for yourself and see if it could work for you. Here are some videos to inspire you:


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